Security Teams

Identify security bugs and flaws in your applications and resolve them before they impact your business.

Dev Teams

Build secure applications from the start, with tools and strategies to fit any development process.

Chief Info Security Officers

Align everyone in the software development lifecycle and make security a competitive advantage.

VantagePoint Finds, Fixes and Prevents

We are not like traditional application security companies. We go beyond the test to help you remediate security vulnerabilities and give you the tools and training to prevent them from reoccurring.


Application Security Testing

Find vulnerabilities in web and mobile apps with expert remediation support.

Penetration Testing

Execute application penetration testing, network penetration testing and Red Teaming.

Software Security Strategy

Build and evolve your software security initiative with policies, standards and metrics.

Our holistic approach significantly reduces vulnerabilities in the application layer by applying a balance of managed services, professional services and products customized to fit our clients’ unique needs.

Secure Development

Prevent bugs from entering code with tools and analysis that fit your workflow.


Increase your security expertise with in-person, virtual and eLearning courses.

Application Security Resources


Follow VantagePoint's perspectives on application security.

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Listen to analysis and interviews with security leaders.

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Watch product demonstrations and educational sessions.